“Mobile Marketing Is Taking Over Browsing!”

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Episode:  207: Mobile Marketing


Is Mobile Browsing Taking Over Laptop, Tablet And PC Browsing? Well, lets look at the

trends…First, was the Desktop computers, big, clunky machines, hard wired to a wall outlet.

 You had to be home or at work to browse online, for something you really needed.

Then came Ipods for music, Ipads & Tablets for mobile and portable browsing, Then,

finally, Smart Phones, for practically everything.

The Mobile Marketing Industry is taking the online experience by storm.

Here’s some interesting Mobile Facts:

  •  82% of the mobile time is spent using apps, NOT making Phone Calls!
  •  78% of people use their smartphone to compare prices inside the stores.
  •  Note: 88% of customers who search for a local business on a mobile device, they either call or go to that business within 24 hours.
  • Pay attention retail store owners!

“Don’t Get Left Out Of This Mobile Marketing Trend!”

I have talked with hundreds of store owners here at the beach and most of them are mom
and pop shops, and they don’t even have the slightest clue on how to use these tactics. Its sad, because they are getting ripped off by salesmen, that still paint a pretty picture of using print advertising, or billboards or TV ads, Are you kidding? That went out 15 years ago!

Stop wasting money, on things that don’t work and outdated!

“I talked to a guy who owns a sightseeing adventure cruise and it cost him $20K, for print coupons. Are you for real?! Do you know what you could do with $20k worth of online and mobile marketing? Boy he got conned? He doesn’t even realize, he still has to cut his rate to honor the coupon! Good grief – you guys are getting ripped off Get A Clue Would ya?”


I found this cool software program:

  • Smart, that you can create your own mobile statistic charts, its called Google Mobile Planet You get to build your own chart or survey of questions, and Google spits out the answers and stats your looking for. It’s amazing! I didn’t even know it was out there. You can find out about mobile activity and stats in your country or your region. It’s pretty cool.
  •  Mobile Marketing Association
    Here youll find the latest stats and trends with mobile marketing and how to
    keep your business on the cutting edge of mobile advertising industry.
  •   Mobile Marketing Watch .com will also give you the latest info on the mobile industry.

DIY Segment

I’m not going to actually make an app, because there are too many different phones, platforms and models you can choose from. But I am going to show you these sites,

Ask Me


Do I really need an app? Short answer is no! But most websites don’t work on mobile phones, because of their format is too big. Also, if you are a Local Store Owner ABSOLUTELY!

If you don’t have one you are losing money, every time someone drives into your town.

Did you know there’s a service that will send a text message of your offer or coupon, when someone drives within 5-10 mile radius of your store? This can increase your revenue by 35%. 

Do I need to buy a .mobi domain? This is a good question, because I thought you did, until I did a little research and found you don’t need one, if you use a third party service like: goMobior if you setup a subdomain with the letter M for mobile and browsers will automatically be redirected to your mobile website.

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