The American Dream Was Started On A Shoe String Budget!

The American Dream was creates through immigrants. Citizens from Italy, Poland, Germany, France, etc. have started their small businesses, using a shoe string budget.

Most people, if they are not inherently wealthy, they have to start with a nickel and dime operation. People from others countries, around the early 1900’s, that came to America, believed in themselves, to the point of becoming servants, for a developing country.

What does a Shoe String Budget look like to you? What do you need to supply for your small business? Are we talking, $100, $500, $1500? Is that for operations or operations and product?
When I started getting into the video marketing space, I had “hand-me-down” video cameras, lighting that was borrowed and knowledge of Internet marketing and SEO (search engine optimization).

>>> When starting your small business here are some Major factors people leave out:

1) They Do Not Focus On Revenue (Believe it or not, they are more focused on getting up and running, which is operations. So businesses lose money from the start, hoping to gaining it back quickly.)

2) They Do Not Focus On Marketing & Advertising (Normally, small business owners, are “hands on” and do whatever the ad salesperson, tell them they need for their advertising campaign. Most times it costs them thousands.)

3) They Do Not Manage Their Money Properly. (It’s not the business owners fault, per se, they have not been properly trained on what to look for and what to expect to pay in the coming months of opening.)

4) And Above All, They Do Not Have Leadership Skills. (One thing I have learned, as a small business owner, is that you need vision and leadership. You have to learn leadership, for you to train, direct, and lead your staff. Put the Vision On The Wall).

In closing, you as a small business owner, need to utilize your shoe string budget, to get the best possible performance and service, from your vendors and contractors. I have learned through 25 years of providing marketing services, if I do not know how to do something or if I did not have the time to do it, I would subcontract it out. It saves you time and energy, so you can focus on what you do best. Check out ShoeStringBudgetVideos .com for promotional videos, on a shoe string budget.

Shoe String Budget Videos Will Give You More Exposure For Less Money!





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