Should You Create Your Own Ads?

So the question came up, the other day, from a student, that asked, if he should create his own ads or should he sub out the ads to an ad agency?

My response is, of you have the time to figure out graphic software and no money to pay someone to do it for you…Do It Yourself.

If you have the Money, but, don’t have the time, then sub the job out, to an expert. However, you will have to wait until their done, and make edits you want.

In this “Ad Creation Workshop”, We’ll be showing you how to Facebook ads yourself and save you some money.
Watch This…

You ad should have 3 Important Elements:
1) Great Ad Copy/Headline
2) Human Element
3) Call To Action

After getting to know your graphic software, it will be easy for you create your own ads and even sub out your work to others that need it, and start making money from them.

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