Online Courses Are Faster And Easier To Learn A New Skill!

When you are searching for  online courses, you have to beware of teachers who have experience. It’s hard to find out, from a pamphlet or web page.

Online Courses Saves Time!

If you have uninterrupted time, you can go through a 16 week, on-campus course, in days…not weeks. You can start your course at 8:00 and be through at 12:00, without going anywhere.

I have gone through several online courses or e-courses, and they have saved time and gas. I like staying home and learning a new skill or loop hole, to make things happen faster.

When someone offers you an online course, be sure to check out their table of contents or a bullet point layout, to show you what you are going to discover and learn.

Here is what you can do with an online course:

  1. Find out how to do something new.
  2. Apply what you have learned. Hands On
  3. Pause and Play as you watch the  online course.
  4. Learn to use your skills you developed of the years.
  5. Gain experience fast.

These are important points, about taking an online course.  Now, let’s talk about cost…

So how much are these online course going to cost?

They should be in a price range of $7-$1,500 per online course. It could be 10 minutes up to 20 hours. Depending on the type of online course you take, it will take some time to learn and apply what your skill.

One major difference between an online college course and independent author/teacher, is the experience vs non-experience or institutional vs  “streetwise” teaching. I would rather learn from an experienced teacher, and find out the secrets, working with online programs.

Cannot forget “The Guarantee” for online courses. If you are taking a online college course, most will not guarantee, your money back, after purchase. Beware! Their terms of service has very small print. You may have a hassle, getting your money back.  They cost up to $2,500 per course. Some charge by the credit and per hour.

How much time and gas do you have to drive to your local college and take a course?  How much money do you have to buy a college course?  How long can you wait to apply for financing or scholarship?

If you are looking for an online course that will help you, fast and inexpensively, than you can check out the “Take Action Series” or “Basic Cable TV Installer Training“.  One online course focuses on Internet marketing and one on how to install cable TV in your home.

Both of these courses can be done within hours, not days.  Why not take an online course, which, you will gain knowledge and wisdom, from experience. Did I mention these courses are guaranteed?

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