6 Small Business Hacks

Grow Your Business Online With These Hacks!

Welcome back to week eight of the Get A Clue Classroom and I’m so glad you stuck with this and that you’re watching all these videos and hopefully I’m instructing you with some type of strategy, to get your business off the ground, because let’s face it it’s getting tougher out there.

So today, we’re really talking about Six Small Business Hacks! Basically you notice things that you need to be aware of. Things that you can do, to be of better focused on your market. Better focused on mastering the principles and things like that, so without further ado,let’s hurry up and get started okay.

I guess the number one you totally want to choose one target market are right now.

I don’t know if you have a product or not, but, you know let’s say, if you’re looking to start a small business online. You definitely want to focus on your target market. What’s close to you what I mean by that, is this what you were interesting or what do you like to do? If you start an online business. Most of the time, it’s giving content quality. Content to get the people to your website and then on top of that, it’s it’s giving them a certain product, that could help them.

You know maybe, you chose a product that you’re looking to sell, because it helped you out, down the road, so you know what ways that you can choose of the target market obviously is your interest okay, but, if you want to find out what’s hot and what’s selling, you need to go to different trends in the market, go to Google trends, that will help you and type in the terms interested in, not the popular celebrities.

Once you go to Google trends, you see immediately the top 10 things that people are talking about. It’s usually best celebrities are social of issue, that’s going on in the country or special news. That’s what you want to do. Say you want to get involved in paintball or something. So paintball applied so what you would do is type that in an Google trends and see how many people are actually searching for that many people are looking for that type of thing and you know all those things that you can need to know about targeting and focusing your market.

Okay, but if you look at the hot niches are the hot markets out there, type in the blogs from your keyword data and then of course, there’s Facebook , Facebook groups. These are good to find out how many members are part of the group’s. If it’s 100K you have something, so if you have a product that can serve those people because when you get down to enough sales and marketing is an advertising is a numbers game the more people you can show the more people that’s going to buy your product if you have a good product.

Number two, let’s talk about using one traffic source! Now this bogged me down for years! l’ll tell you why, because I was so confused and I was going on Google ads then, there’s solo ads for e-mail newsletters, from people that have large lists. Obviously there’s Facebook, LinkedIn ads then Twitter came out with their own ad platform. So it can get really confusing out there, when you’re trying to sell a product or service. You definitely want to just pick one. Google ads is pretty expensive. Bing is good. Solo ads is for specific market. Solo ad in newsletter is where you can buy 100 clicks. So let’s say your direct contact and e-mail list provider that has 100,000 in their list and they’re talking about toy trains or model trains, if you have something to provide their subscribers, they can guarantee you that 100 people are going to click on your ad.

Facebook to me is definitely the winner here, because I was really surprised at how deep they were able to to go, with their target market. And their psycho-graphics and demographics, you can get really in depth with Facebook. LinkedIn is pretty expensive, but if you’re a B2B type of provider, for us service or software LinkecIN might be your choice, to that gets to the decision-maker. Twitter I haven’t had experience with Twitter and so not sure on that. You can easily get confused so you definitely want to choose one. Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive right now, so if you’re just starting out you definitely want to check them out.

Number three would be, you need a high converting offer. You need something that can be a high converting offer. If you do not how to write ad copy, I suggest that you get somebody that can. Find people on Fiverr, Freelancer or Elance. You can go to any of those places but your ad copy has to convert, why because you’re paying for this. You’re paying for the answer and has to convert. Your ad copy has to sell or you lose money! Get traffic stream because once it’s in there, then you test your ads all the time your headlines, images and your call to action.

Okay will want to do that because of the more you test the numbers, the more you better you can you can work out area a better deal to him about seeing number four first you need to focus on mastering the principles one of the principles of marketing marketing advertising and you know definitely forget the hype they forget the hype because what you basically what it comes down to is quality content and how you deliver it a case of the better your content is the more people you can and you’re going to have to pay the telecom and subscribe to your list your voice heard monies in the list now that’s a basic principle right there money is in the list that’s that’s a principle right there that you need to be aware of. Okay so that’s that, let’s go to act number five turn right limits us to raise this out

Number five is getting unique quality traffic. If you’re just starting out you might see all these glitzy ads, you know, “Get 1000 Visitors To Your Website Today For Only Five Bucks!” Those ads are pretty much bad quality traffic. You want to goto Facebook and you want to go deep. We’ll look for interests that people want with your product or service or whatever your offering. What do they like? Like with the football teams, do you like what something that you can spark an interest buyer? You definitely want to check your conversions because, if you don’t check, you know you lose money. Check your conversions, use tracking all the time track your links. You want to track your links, so in order to do that you’re to find out what’s ad is winning and what’s not.

Let’s say you have quality traffic, checking your conversions, your ad costs $.50 per click, and its quality traffic and they bought a one-year product and then average out to about $1.50 gross. So you just made a dollar profit! It’s that simple. Now you can take that and reinvested into more advertising, you can either pay and get more exposure that the .75 you’re still making money. Those are things you definitely want to look, and that’s why conversions and checking them are so important.

Lastly, number six you have to always believe in yourself! Okay this may not be a hack, but you know it’s something that’s going to get you through. You have to believe your product, you know is better than someone else’s than your competition. You definitely want to believe that the foregoing man because, otherwise, you’ll never close the sale. Believe that you can you can do it! It’s not hard everybody starts from something from somewhere. Everyone has a beginning, that’s something you don’t want to remember and even if you’re just starting out and you’re not making thousands of dollars and they don’t worry about it, but if you have to do something each and every day.

You can build a huge dream if you take action! I don’t want to keep you too long, I hope you got a lot out of this. If you’re not part of the Get A Clue Classroom now, you’re going to jump on this offer! Three month plan and also a yeah a revised book that I’ve been working on for a long time now and I’m about to release it on November 4 election day, we will be celebrating capitalism and celebrating entrepreneurship! You don’t want to miss that special offer. This is David D. signing off!

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