Domain Name Questions GACMM

Hey guys welcome back to the Get A Clue Marketing Minute and today were talking about
“Domain Names”

What is the great domain name for membership site?

Justin, on the Warrior Forum, another forum I go to, to help out.
He was asking about what a good name for my membership site? Putting out lessons on fitness advice, you want to have “CLUB”, instead of “program”.

I noticed that you got some suggestions, there like I get they “get shredded program”, “eat clean yet ripped program” “anything with program”, doesn't really fit that well. The first thing you think of fitness, is “What club do you go to?” I would instead use program you’re… I use club, on my “Stock Media Club” membership site. Where I have all stock photos videos and things that people can join up.

So if you got “Get Shredded Club”.com, you may get more visitors and members! Anyway I Hope That Helps and This Is David D. You Have Any Other Questions You Can E-Mail Me Contact Me.  Also Check out the See you on the other side.

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