Which Landing Page Software Is Best?


Welcome back to the Get A Clue Marketing Minute!
Today we're talking about Landing Pages and Tools to use for your blog... 

In this segment, I just want to talk you real quick about landing pages.  I was on MosaicHub,  which is a forum for the business world and small business owners.

Deana wrote a question about: What are some good tools top create a compelling landing page?  Well, Deana. I would tell you that I used Thrive Themes. If you go over to Thrive Themes, they got a whole lot of layouts, of different templates, which makes it easier for you!

All you have to do is change the headline, change the images that you want, and just put in your ad copy.  As an editor it's the best value, for the Get A Clue Marketing Show. It does more than give you templates, but, making it easier to use WordPress with their special formatting!

That's why I choose Thrive Themes Content Builder!  You can use other software like LeadPages or Infusionsoft, but, who wants to pay a monthly fee? I don't.

Anyway, thanks for your question, about landing pages and hope this helped!

Talk Soon!

P.S. Here The Thrive Theme Content Builder Review.​


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