So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur Huh?

Welcome Back! David D here from Get A Clue Marketing Show!

Today were talking about entrepreneurship, and you want to be entrepreneur. Well, I want to show you some facts and stats, about what being an entrepreneur is all about, so stay tuned!

Facts & Stats Segment: I found that there's more than 25 million Americans that want to start a business or the running their new businesses! According to the (GEM) Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Other stats that I found, that there's 400 million entrepreneurs around the world now, and that's a lot!

400 million entrepreneurs that means that 1 in every 18 people, wants to own their own business, according to statistics compiled by Hundreds of people are leaving their 9-to-5 jobs to pursue their own entrepreneur journeys. I believe, this is about to bust wide open. I also believe that, entrepreneurs are born leaders. Meaning. You are born independent! You don't want to work for somebody else!

Now my experience goes back in 1987, I started out I got right out of high school and started a business. I was doing a multi-level marketing program with home water filters, in fact, I wanted that independence, I wanted to be my own boss. I was in college and taking marketing. But, I wanted something that I can be independent! I didn't like you know being told what to do all the time.

So I started my entrepreneur journey back in 1987 and it can be exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. There's been times where the market that I was feeding  that I was catering to dried up and I had to work for other people, so you know one of the things about being an entrepreneur,  is that you have to be flexible and resourceful and you have to know the marketplace that you're going into!

There's another factor II.2 million jobs have been created by startups! There were 14,000 startups in year 2015.  This is only going to grow, as of the US economy, just explodes!  Right now, you know there's a lot of manufacturing plants coming back to the United States and those people are going to need consultants, outsourcing and need people to do jobs for them. If you're like us, being a consultant this is going to be a great time for you!

Interesting Fact: The average 27 year old age of millennial's, who are starting their businesses which is much lower than the baby boomers, who started at 35!

And with all this hype making it look easy on social media, be your own boss and do-it-yourself!  Millennials are ready to jump in.

Another stat, 11.3 million businesses are women owned in the United States and the great things about being on your own and entrepreneurs goes across in all colors, races, creeds and religions and it doesn't matter etc. !t's freedom for all!

If you have a service or product that you want to bring to the marketplace, it doesn't matter, the marketplace judges how good you are and how good your product is etc. so those were just some facts and stats that I want to share you really quick all you have to do is type in the entrepreneur stats, and you get a whole bunch of different things.

Coming up in my Book Mark-et segment, is where I want to show you some great reading, so stay tuned! I want to show you an article that I found on Forbes magazine, “Entrepreneurs here's the good news for 2018!” you can read that article out for yourself and check out all the good things the opportunities that are available.

Here’s another one, of “How to become a millionaire by the age of 30!” now we just talked about the fact that people are starting out their own businesses at the age of 27 this is how to become a millionaire by the age of 30 by Grant Cardone!

I follow Grants’ podcasts and his videos, great guy, really knows his stuff and you want to check out this article in entrepreneur! Another article that I found from income, “The young rich list of people under 30 and the top riches entrepreneurs!

You guys can find a whole list of different young people, the richest rulers in the world.

Do-It-Yourself Segment where I can give you some entrepreneur ideas! I wanted to go over some entrepreneur ideas, that you can do right now starting today !

You can look around and see so many opportunities that are hot right now.

you can set up an Amazon store! Amazon encourages you to set up a website you own and websites are really cheap nowadays and immediately get them for a couple bucks a month for hosting and you have your own domain etc. You can build your own Amazon store and they encourage you to do that!

You can also get into wholesale and drop shipping things like that. If you want to buy wholesale and sell online, you can go to this with your store. There’s a website called, you're probably familiar with if you’ve been looking into buying and selling products online. is a source that you can go to where you can buy products overseas in China get him really cheap, and then bring them over here and sell at retail.

You probably heard of Shopify stores which are similar to Amazon that they get their sources from around the world, in China.  You can set up your own Shopify shop, those are easy to do and there's a lot of tutorials online. If you want to do that maybe I'll do a special tutorial about that but there’s a guy that I follow  Franklin Hatchet, you can check him out on YouTube, he has a lot of different videos on how to set up Shopify Stores, making thousands and thousands of dollars!

Network marketing, like I said I was started out selling water filters for a network marketing company and this was back when water was being sold by the bottle. Who thought that water was going to be more expensive than gas!

It’s true, is one of the things that I saw in that market, was people would rather buy a filter, instead of going through all these plastic bottles, and who knows where the bottle water containers came from.  
Recently my wife got into this Secret Program, it's all about skin care and healing elements from the Dead Sea minerals, that they put in their products and things like that and that's what I would recommend is doing something if you've never done this before and never left out on your own, I really recommend you get involved with a company, that's going to provide you, all the materials and resources that you need to sell products, out there in the marketplace!

One of the best ways to do that, is through network marketing! Network marketing and MLM has received a lot of bad press over the years because the people at the top of the pyramid chain, you know took all the money and ran, and never paid out the commissions, that were afforded. You want to do your due diligence and find out, what a reputable companies that are out there, that have been doing this for years. But I said all that to say, that you start out small…

You get a feel of the market even, if you're creating products yourself, in your garage or in your spare bedroom, you want to start out slow and you want to build buildup of a reputation and build up your clientele, from there before you leave the job market!

You may be putting up with your Terrible Boss and things like, you just want to leave tomorrow! Well, I would encourage you to just do your research! Build the business part time, until you have enough income and you have enough clientele, that you can go out there and do-it-yourself.

Here's one of my books, that I have written back in the year of 2000-2001 on being your own boss, in a living in Myrtle Beach… Myrtle Beach is one of biggest destinations of the world and I was approached by so many different people, that  wanted me to come work for them, and so what I did was (I wasn't interested in a lot of their programs) but I took note of what they're doing, and I came up with about 501 different ways that you can make money at home, just starting out!

I would definitely recommend getting that book… I was in the cable TV of the contractor I was putting cable inside people's homes, rewiring hotels and resorts and everything like, that so I did this cable-TV course, in order for people that are willing to do a trade.

Maybe you are working for somebody as a doing trade of builder or contractor electrician and you want to break out into the marketplace, and be your own boss. That's very easy to do, you just have to find out the clients you need and find out how to price yourself etc. One of the things that I did, was not only was a contractor for many years, but also created a course on how to do it.

Another course, you can do is become a freelancer by going over The course called “Fiverr Freaks 2.0”. Whatever skills that you have for you whenever you can provide for people, even if you have physical products, on this platform that you can actually ship to people, but more or less this is a freelancing site, where that people are looking to get logos, people are looking for creative things, or to market their own business.

So let's say you're doing this part time, you want to scale this business you can go over to Fiverr and find people that will promote your business for you, starting at five dollars, so that's why they call it Fiverr. Lots of traction, in fact, my Fiverr “Freaks Takeover Course”, goes step-by-step on how to do that how to set up your own business just with Fiverr alone.

I created the “Get A Clue Classroom”, where I put all my courses in their step-by-step, on how to do that, how to get started. If you're a business owner and you need to get these certain skills, that you need with different software, step-by-step process of getting into the marketplace then you can check out the “Get A Clue Classroom”, the “Get A Clue Marketing Show” that teaches people how to make money online and how to get started some of the courses…

Just real quick is the “Take Action Series 3.0”. I re-master this course if you want to you know a step-by-step guide to Internet Marketing and Internet wealth this would be other course that inside to “Get A Clue Classroom”. I go over all the different methods of advertising, pay per click, pay per view, free advertising etc. That's all inside of this “Take Action Series 3.0”. I also go over video production as well.

Video content is really growing and has grown. It’s only going to get bigger. What you want to do is introduce yourself, and the best way to do that is through video.

The days of knocking on doors or calling people on the phone all this stuff are over. They're still there but, if you don't like doing that, (I had to do that know back in the day, didn’t have the Internet. I had a fax machine and a pager. That was the technology of the day. I had to go out with my briefcase and bang on doors and get to the right people.) Today is totally different! it's wide open and it's so much opportunity out there! You can make a video and get in front of somebody's computer and you can tell them who you are, what you're all about and you can get the sale that way. You can start a conversation that’s what its all about and I teach you how to do that in
“Sony Vegas Coaching Course”

I also do “Music Production Course” giving people let's say you just want to sit behind the scenes want to make music and add backgrounds to your videos or to somebody else videos.

This really wasn't a shameless plug for my courses, but I just wanted to show you that it's out there I created these courses for you, so that you can learn these different skills, that you're going to need as an entrepreneur, and to get your business off the ground.

ASK ME: “How Do I Become Entrepreneur Without Any Money?” There's millions of people out there looking for this same question.  Go over to this article on Hubspot. It’s is a great resource for entrepreneurs and marketers.. Go over there you can find out How to Start Up becoming a start-up with no money.

Solving peoples problems. Once you are out there in the marketplace you are asking questions and finding out what people want, what people are doing, and find out how you can solve their problem! That's the best way to become an entrepreneur with no money! You have to do some negotiation skills. This article by Hubspot, tells you that you can borrow from your friends and family and then you build your business from that, but I never did that, I never asked for money from family and friends because of it flops, you’re in trouble!

Do it from scratch, by taking a piece of your income that you’re getting for your job, setting that aside. I bought letterhead and business cards things like that and then getting out and pounding the pavement and asking people what they need! What type of answers do you have that you can offer people that there pay you!

Once you start getting people to pay you money, either for your product or service, then keep flipping the money back into the business, while you're working after full-time job. As you grow, you can pitch other investors and things like that but you have to be really sure, that you have a sustainable business as an entrepreneur. I would definitely not recommend no borrowing a lot of money or going out to get investors unless, you have something to show for its US sales.

If you see the Shark Tank, you'll see that they always asking for sales and sales margin and if you don't have any then you have no business asking an investor to invest in your in your business.

You can always go over to the “Get A Clue Marketing”, I have a lot of different videos over there. I have a really and start to ramp up more episodes.  Lately, I've been helping other people other business owners with their products doing reviews and showing other people, how to you do them.

That's really key, why video is so important is. Go-ahead and start getting these people on board and showing off your products showing off what you can do. And the best method to do that is through getting is using Video…

Anyway this is David D thanks a lot for watching really appreciate it and I subscribe notified and united the notification button so that every new video that comes out you be notified about that so that you can get a clue what to do about your marketing your business and even promoting yourself so thanks a lot is the David D thanks a lot for watching!

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