5th Wave Movie Review

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Welcome Back! I just got back from going to the movies with my daughter, and we watched, "The 5th Wave" movie and it was a good teenage drama movie, with some 'beacon bits' size  action parts and CGI effects. But here's my observations.

First of all, the questions I have about this movie and all the other movies, involving guns, weapons and kids, doesn't it seem to make any sense, when it comes to 'political correctness', or 'political activism'.  I thought the 'mainstream' media, Hollywood left, and political pundits, are against guns, weapons, and want the 2nd Amendment abolished?

Government creates more guns laws, all the the name of 'safety for the children', and yet, you have all these movies, involving kids, weapons, guns, and fending for themselves, for survival! Do you get it? I thought Hollywood was far-left and against guns? But, according to these storylines, kids have to 'kill or be killed' and have self defense skills to win. 

The 5th Wave (spoiler alert) is about aliens, coming to earth to inhabit the planet and eradicate the humans, for 'taking up space'. The aliens look exactly like humans, so you really can't tell, whose who. So, the girl,  (Chloë Grace Moretz)  is left to find her brother, being held at an Air Force base, (by aliens) after her mom died due to a virus and witnessing her dad get killed, at a refugee compound. I'm a movie buff and love sci-fi, and this blog isn't about movie reviews, but, I really had to write about the hypocrisy, we see in politics and in Hollywood.

The first movie I saw that had kids, poised against each other,for killing  was 'Lord Of The Flies' By William Golding. It was survival of the fittest type of thing, which kids, battling it out, with primitive weapons and killing to be leader. (Well, that's what I remember anyway, heck it was 1990!) 

Remember "Red Dawn" about Russian invasion, killing adults and locking them up, then the teenagers had to fight to free their parents. They used guns, grenades, and other weapons, in the mini-war. In fact, the 5th Wave is similar storyline, where adults are rounded up and shot down, by aliens, who look like humans. Interesting. 

Another observation I had, was there are no real original stories coming out of Hollywood. Everything seems to be re-hashed scripts with different actors and same plots. What's up with that? Part 1-4, waiting 6 years to finish and see the whole series. Talk about sucking the money tree?

How about "The Hunger Games", that was the 1st time I saw graphic scenes of children getting slaughtered, on the big screen and yet millions of kids and adults watched it, and most loved it and couldn't get enough. Yet, are these the same people that are outraged, that guns getting in the hands of kids, criminals and shouldn't be in anybody's hands, even law abiding citizens? 

Then came, Ender's Game, ​a kid trained to kill an alien race, for what they did to human race. What's the point? What's with all the violence and using kids? Are we psychologically training our kids to fight with weapons and guns, because, that's what they have to look forward too? 

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