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My Landing Page Software Review

Welcome back!

I wanted  to talk you real quick about landing pages I was over at MosiacHub, which is for small business owners.

Deana wrote a question, about what are some good tools, to create really compelling landing pages?  My landing page software I recommend is Thrive Theme Content Builder. They have a huge layout of different templates, to make it easier for you. All you have to do is change the headline... change the images,  that you want and just put in your ad copy, and you're done!

Thrive Theme has the best value, for what it does. And for people that don't have time to waste or just need a quick template, then these templates will do.  Sure there's other good software out there, like: Infusionsoft, LeadPages and Aweber, but for the money and quick plugin, I like it.

That said, I did have issues to to do certain things. They have a competent forum moderators that try to answer technical questions, but, I worked around things, and had to know, what it could do with my blogs.

It's one time purchase not pay monthly fees on that depending on what package get anyone yet I hope that answers your question! Here my referral link to Thrive Themes! Have Fun!


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