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Passion To Profits “Live” Webinar

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If You Missed My Latest Webinar “Passion To Profits” Turning What You Love To Do Into Monthly Income To Help You Pay Your Bills? Interest In Making Thousands Of Dollars

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For More Information About My Coaching Program,

Watch This Video To Answer Your Questions!


501 Easy Ways To Make Make @Home

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David Deke here creator and the host of the Get A Clue Marketing Show, and I created this e-book 501 Easy Ways To Make Money At Home, because I know…So many people like yourself struggling, struggling to pay the bills you have medical bills you have healthcare costs in the electricity the food everything is going up so you need a spare spare time job now even if it’s just part time.

Now on careers and jobs that I have come crossed over last 24 years down here at the beach had been phenomenal and I moved down here at 24 years ago. At the beach of the day after Thanksgiving and I had no clue that it was going to be a ghost town after Labor Day,

I had a little bit of money in my pocket and I stayed at a hotel. I finally landed a corporate job. Number one cable company, in the world and that’s where I got my corporate expertise, my corporate training.

I did that for five years but you know what the entrepreneur bug me again see my first business was back in 1987, sell water filters out part of a MLM networking marketing group we are so filters like I said and it was hard-core selling. My first time in sales and things like that.
Worked for corporate America for five years got tired of bureaucracy and tired of telling me when I can take off, when I can’t, just get monotonous day after day.

Is that happening to you? Tired of where you’re at? This book is going to open up your eyes! Open up 501 ideas for you!

I guarantee that you find a career or something that you can do on your home! Very easy to set up – very easy to start and that’s benefit your personnel life. Living that here the beach is all about survival! This place completely dries up – so I learned from experience a lot of what you see in this e-book 501 Easy Ways To Make Money At Home, are things that I have done on my spare bedroom!

You can do it to know here is a classic example that inspired me to write this book, I met a guy down here that the work six months out of the year from May to October. He would travel up and down the East Coast. And the only thing that he did was just guest people’s weight and just their age. I’m sure you’ve seen that before Carnivals. He worked six months out of the year he made so much money he didn’t have to work the other six.

Each time that he failed, to get their way he gave away a small stuffed animal, but it didn’t matter to because he was doubling his money anyway. So that inspired me to write this book about all the different ways that you can do this you can create wealth from your home easy to get started.

So anyway I don’t know how long this is this offer’s will stay at this price credible low. And you definitely want to get 501 Ideas to start right away. I guarantee over the next 30 days, you will probably get 1002 ways you can make money at home, because each one has different aspects to it. Anyway, talk to you later! Thanks for watching.

Do me a favor and share this to someone who needs work or a new career- – Peace~!

Get A Clue CLASSROOM Is In Session

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Goto Get A Clue Classroom Now!


The Get A Clue Classroom Is Now In Session!

If you don’t know what the Get A Clue Classroom is, it’s a virtual online classroom. You get to see and hear how money is made, every day.

Money Is Made Online By Offering Products And Services People Want And Need!

You’ll Explore:

  • How To Set-up Your Own Online Business.
  • How To Promote Your Business, Using Several Tactics.
  • How To Build Your Customer Base And Sell To Them.
  • How To Do Video Marketing And Make Huge Impact.
  • How To Brand Yourself And Your Business
  • How To Do So Much More…

Check It Out Here!


What Makes A Successful Product Launch?

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Ever wanted to know how to do a Product Launch?

FacKey Strategyts & Stats:  80% Of Products Fail…Myth or Real?

150 products bought a month – less 3% made under $51 Million In a Year…

But there’s plenty of opportunity. 

Ask Me: Why Do Product Launches Fail?

1) Lack Of Resources

2) Lack Of Cashflow

3) Lack Time

4) Bad Press & Bad Reviews


Tip Of The Week: What To Do?

Layout Every step. Creation To The Shelf – Marketing, Packaging, Supply Chain, All Mapped Out.

Whiteboard – Composite Workbook – Powerpoint

Share-It Forward: Jeff Walker Product Launch Top Producer Expert.

Now You Have a Clue on What To Do!

Thanks For Watching!




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Should You Create Your Own Ads?

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So the question came up, the other day, from a student, that asked, if he should create his own ads or should he sub out the ads to an ad agency?

My response is, of you have the time to figure out graphic software and no money to pay someone to do it for you…Do It Yourself.

If you have the Money, but, don’t have the time, then sub the job out, to an expert. However, you will have to wait until their done, and make edits you want.

In this “Ad Creation Workshop”, We’ll be showing you how to Facebook ads yourself and save you some money.
Watch This…

You ad should have 3 Important Elements:
1) Great Ad Copy/Headline
2) Human Element
3) Call To Action

After getting to know your graphic software, it will be easy for you create your own ads and even sub out your work to others that need it, and start making money from them.

What’s In A Business Name?

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90% of Your 1St Impression Is Your Business Name…Do You Have One They Remember?

If not…Watch This Video Before Starting Up A Business With A Terrible Name!

Awesome Passion To Profits Webinar

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Discover 3 Main Ways To Take Your Passion And Transform It Into Profits!

Watch this recent webinar I did on Google Hoangouts!




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