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Get A Clue CLASSROOM Is In Session

Posted by Deke On May - 3 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Goto Get A Clue Classroom Now!


The Get A Clue Classroom Is Now In Session!

If you don’t know what the Get A Clue Classroom is, it’s a virtual online classroom. You get to see and hear how money is made, every day.

Money Is Made Online By Offering Products And Services People Want And Need!

You’ll Explore:

  • How To Set-up Your Own Online Business.
  • How To Promote Your Business, Using Several Tactics.
  • How To Build Your Customer Base And Sell To Them.
  • How To Do Video Marketing And Make Huge Impact.
  • How To Brand Yourself And Your Business
  • How To Do So Much More…

Check It Out Here!


Facebook Contest Rules

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Hey Guys, have you ever wanted to set-up a social media contest on Facebook? It’s one of the quickest way to get hundreds of people to your site.

Facebook Contests can go viral pretty quick and explode your visitor and subscriber lists! However, you MUST abide by their rules. I have create this video to talk about the Facebook Contest Rules and wanted to pass this along to you…

Setting Up Your Contest:
1) Introduction Page – How The Contest Works
2) Link Share Using Graphics And Anchor Links
3) Awards That Go Viral
4) Joint Venture (JV) Prizes
5) Sponsorships Free Prizes
6) Suppliers

Entrepreneur Definition: Online Class Week 2

Posted by Deke On September - 8 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

What Is An Entrepreneur? Do you have these 7 Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur?

In this online video class, I will go over the definition of being an entrepreneur and what it takes to survive. Plus, you will find out which characteristics, you need to be an entrepreneur. And finally, I will give you questions to ask yourself, to find out if you really have what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

Don’t forget to get to register for FREE in the Get A Clue Classroom!

16 Weeks Of Free Online Classes

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16 Weeks Of Ongoing Classes That Will Help You With Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Advertising and Specialized Software! Follow along with me every week and learn a new skill, a new lack hack. Plus, you will learn how to make more money in your business. Get more leads and sales using online campaigns, and software techniques, that will cause launch your business into success!

Get A Clue Classroom Workshops

Posted by Deke On July - 7 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Hey Guys, The Get A Clue Classroom Is Now In Session! Limited Time Offer! Only, If you’re interested in, Marketing, Promotions, Video Branding,Video SEO. Online classes and workshops, for people on the go. Sign-up For Free!


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